Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're in

Ok, so someone mentioned to me that I haven't updated the blog to say that we moved.


We're in the new house and loving it. I don't have pictures at the moment because I keep waiting for it to look "done" and I think that will never really happen.

Anyway, after I pick up after Sage, I'll try and get some pictures posted.

So, all grown up and have a house. Fun!


Mandi said...

Yay! That's exciting! Let me know when is a good time to come and bring you some sort of "Moved into our House Treat"... We want the grand tour! (I promise that the treat will be delicioso!)

Kjrstin said...

yes, mandi. come and play!!! we even have a cool park right by the house so we can let the kiddos run around (assuming the weather is not yucky like today).

and i always know your treats are fabulous. i'm not worried.


Lindsay said...

Very exciting! Yes, let's chat.