Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still have internet

Since our internet hasn't gotten canceled yet, I figured I should keep trying to blog.

This morning, we went to the dog park and Sage got to swing for a few minutes.  Here's the video:  (not sure how to embed it in the blog)

Keene was sick last weekend.  He had some kind of stomach/digestive issues.  He got super dehydrated and had a fever and the runs.  It got so bad that blood was coming out.  We got him in at the vet (a friend of ours who is a great vet) at the Cottonwood Animal Hospital.  They ended up keeping him for 2 days on i.v.'s.  He came home on Sunday evening and was pretty mellow.  But now, he's back to normal, he's jumping off the walls, etc.  It was scary to see him so sick, but we're glad that he's back to normal.

I made bread again.  I used this recipe from Amy Thompsen.  The only thing I did different is use maple syrup instead of honey, since Sage is still in the No Honey phase.  This is what she looks like, right before she feeds the bread to Keene.  :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hello readers, all 5 of you.  it's time for my quarterly post.  finally, you say.  but, nothing super exciting.  just thought i'd put up a few thoughts.

the tasty thai, the little thai restaurant on the corner, is great.  we went there tonight with our friends, jess and ashlee anderson.  steve took some pregnancy photos of them (ashlee is due in 2 days), so they bought us dinner.  my, i love green curry.  i love curry, really, of any sort.  and that coconut milk soup (can't remember the thai name).  oooooh.  so good.

i made bread, three loaves within 5 days.  two white bread loaves and one whole wheat.  the white ones i tried first.  they turned out pretty good.  a bit dense, but tasty.  then, on tuesday, i did the wheat one.  but, i got even more adventurous, because i first ground up the wheat berries into flour, then made the bread.  and guess what, it's edible.  even good.  steve likes it.  next is tortillas.

fall is here, the leaves are turning orange.  it's pretty.

sage stands up on her own all the time now.  we're just waiting for those first steps.  also, today, for the first time, she tried to expand her palette, by testing out keene's dog food.  she choked on 2 pieces, but i had to wrestle the third one out of her mouth.  oh, and she blew spit bubbles all over her face today for the first time.  but, she wiped it away before i could get a picture.

we got our 4runner back today, after it being dead and in the shop for over a week.  many dollars later, it's great to have stella back.  she really is a great car.  268,000 miles and still rollin.

lindsay, not sure if you'll ever have time to read my blog again, but i've been thinking about you.  congrats and good luck.  being a mom is a trip (good and stressful, but mostly good).

ok, off to get the bike and trailer ready for a bike ride with julie tomorrow along the jordan river parkway.  sage will love it.  she loves the bike trailer.  i will love it.  i love bikes.  and bike trailer.  and spending time being active.  and being with good friends.

sorry, no pictures.  i'll try for that soon.  although no promises, we're cancelling the internet here at the house, soon.  experiments in doing more and being better.