Thursday, March 19, 2009

shooting the winders

yes, we're supposed to be in india right now. but we're not, yet. so, yesterday we went for a photo shoot up on the bonneville shoreline trail with our friends, tiffany and greg winder.

we had a great time. it was nice to be out. weather was perfect. company fabulous. pictures fun. here are a few of mine that i liked. they're not as good as steve's, but it's fun anyway. i haven't learned how to edit them on photoshop to not wash out the colors when i put them on the web, so the colors are a bit off, but otherwise....

and the night ended well with some good eats at zupas. just a note, zupas does have free wireless. go there, it's great (even though they don't make that yummy paninni with the strawberries and nutella anymore).

keep an eye out for some of steve's shots to show up on his photo blog.