Monday, January 5, 2009

ups is lame

over and over i have come to the conclusion that i don't like ups (the package people). for different reasons each time (it's really annoying that you can't actually talk to a real person if you call their 800 number).

today, the reason is because i was so excited to create an awesome blog update of a cool package i have coming. so each day i was going to update on where the package was, etc. well, "awesome" ups hasn't updated the tracking info... so it still just says maspeth, ny. lame.

anyway, on the 9th (the scheduled date of arrival) i'll unveil my exciting package that's coming. and it is coming (if ups isn't too lame).

it's still coming.


Super Nova said...

I just read this whole things saying "ups" and in it's opposite is "downs" and I didn't get it. And I couldn't figure out what ups meant....seriously. something is alarming in that.

Kjrstin said...

i figured that would happen. but i try to be as lazy as possible, no caps, unless the computer does it.

every now and then i get struck with a sense of responsible writing. it usually evaporates as fast as it falls.