Friday, January 9, 2009

after my whining

so after my post whining about ups (united postal service) (not the opposite of downs), they did actually add some information for me to know when it's coming.

it was in hodgkins, illinois on the 6th. and in orem, utah this morning. it should be here today.

the funny/annoying thing about ups is their automated systems. we got two calls yesterday, from the really nice sounding computer. but all the computer can say is, we're going to deliver a package. the second call, so informative, said that they would be delivering a package that requires a signature, but they couldn't confirm a delivery time, so it would arrive between 7am and 8pm.

have you ever actually tried to talk to a real person at ups? it is impossible. we ran into this issue a year ago with another delivery requiring a signature. we were both at work all day and couldn't be there. they said they would return the package to the sender. hello! so, i spent at least an hour trying to locate a real human to set up a delivery time. nope, didn't happen. so, we did the very high tech and safe thing, we left a note for the driver. we needed to talk to a human, a real person that understands work schedules and complications. the note worked.

the best part of our situation now (besides ups thinking that most people can sit at home on any given day for 13 hours) is that during the winter, ups does not deliver to our house. the trucks literally cannot get here because of the snow. so, they have a locked drop box system. but the nice sounding computer doesn't know that.

anyway, it's coming today. i'll post again when it arrives.

giddy with excitement. it comes!


Erin Leigh said...

what can this possibly be??

Kjrstin said...

all your excitement can be channeled now.