Sunday, November 16, 2008

easier to communicate, harder to connect

this week i've reflected on the newer methods of communication that we rely on: email, text messaging, blogs, podcasts, websites.

email has made it possible for people at distances to quickly keep up with each other, conduct business, send documents and pictures. it's also nice because it can create a paper trail if needed.

text messaging can be a non-intrusive way to send a quick message to someone, with out the immediacy of a phone call. it's also kinda fun.

blogs, well, are a good way for everyone to have the chance to be a journalist, advertise their latest news, or spread information.

podcasts are just cool, it's like radio, but when you want it.

websites have it all and seems to do it all.

BUT! as much as i love and use all of these methods of communication, i am consistently confronted with the fact that they come up short in one area. connection. the human connection. yes, i know, you are saying, but these things make it easier to connect. but in the same breath, these methods of communication and connect also prevent us from face to face (and sometimes even voice to voice) connection. and there is something to be said about people and really being with them. misunderstandings occur. jokes not gotten. emotions misread. facial expressions lost. social skills disappearing.

i love to communicate. but, i think i need to remember that somedays i just need to pick up the phone and call. or spend an evening with some of my favorite people. because the internet is not substitute for real people.

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Kara and Ben said...

Fine...lets hang out! haha Seriously though, I totally agree.