Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still have internet

Since our internet hasn't gotten canceled yet, I figured I should keep trying to blog.

This morning, we went to the dog park and Sage got to swing for a few minutes.  Here's the video:  (not sure how to embed it in the blog)

Keene was sick last weekend.  He had some kind of stomach/digestive issues.  He got super dehydrated and had a fever and the runs.  It got so bad that blood was coming out.  We got him in at the vet (a friend of ours who is a great vet) at the Cottonwood Animal Hospital.  They ended up keeping him for 2 days on i.v.'s.  He came home on Sunday evening and was pretty mellow.  But now, he's back to normal, he's jumping off the walls, etc.  It was scary to see him so sick, but we're glad that he's back to normal.

I made bread again.  I used this recipe from Amy Thompsen.  The only thing I did different is use maple syrup instead of honey, since Sage is still in the No Honey phase.  This is what she looks like, right before she feeds the bread to Keene.  :)

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Mandi said...

Ok, that really can't be Sage because she's way too big! Which means that it's been way, way, Way too long since we've hung out. Because the Sage I remember was tiny, and only a couple of months old! We must get together... and soon! I'm glad Keene is ok though!