Saturday, May 15, 2010

Antelope Island

So, a couple months ago, Steve and I decided to get out of our apartment and go see something different.  So, we drove up to Antelope Island (it's one of the islands in the middle of the Great Salt Lake).  I grew up staring at it each night (amazing sunsets on the lake with that island in the middle), but had never been there.  It's an interesting place.  Here are some of the pics.

There are a lot of buffalo on Antelope Island.  Here are some more:

and even a few left over from the 2002 Winter Olympics:

And a couple of Sage and her parents.  

We had a nice day.  Beautiful sunset, chilly wind, wild animals (lots of birds there, too), happy Sage, happy Steve and Kj.

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Mandi said...

Cute Sage! She's so big! (Which means it's been WAY too long since we last saw you guys.) Next time you want to get out of the apartment - let us know maybe we can double! Love yous guys.