Sunday, October 19, 2008

the ups and downs of our own business

I will eventually start blogging a business blog, to record all the things we're learning about running our own photo business. But, until then, I'll jot down a few things that I've been thinking about on this adventure we're on.

The downs (bad stuff first):
The lurking thought of "what if this doesn't work."
The lurking thought of "how soon will our savings run out?"
Not having a boss to put the pressure on when you need it.
Worrying about what stuff is most important.
Taxes and other accounting stuff that I know I don't know about.
Working 16 hour days all the time.
Feeling guilty about not working a 16 hour day everyday.
The worry, I suppose is the theme here.
Never really having enough time or money for all our ideas.
The scariness of the economic situation.

The ups:
Flexibility of schedule.
Knowing we are trying to live our dreams.
Being able to be creative in the directions we want.
Working with Steve.
Learning all kinds of new things.
Not having a boss around to pressure me.
Staying in pj's until noon some days.
Being able to dream.
Excitement about being able to give back to our community.
Can bring our dog to work.
I think most things we do right now are a tax write-off, because all we do is work.
It's fun.

On another theme, it has been fun learning all the in's and out's of mobile blogging. Currently, I'm typing on my computer, because it's a million times faster and easier than on the iphone.

And here is a picture of the latest present Keane has brought to us. This happened as I was typing this up. We hear a big bang at the front door, and there he is with a big deer/elk/cow vertabrae. He's still chewing on it. He is huge these days, I'm sure he's pushing 35 pounds. He's still cute, though.

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