Monday, September 22, 2008

work week

well, last week commenced my first full-time work for "the business." still nameless, but monopolizing most of our waking thoughts, our photo business is up and running. i've realized that i need to learn how to run a business, learn financial programs and software, learn and understand the photography world, learn how to edit photos on photoshop, and work full time with my spouse. all with my very related background in recreation and therapy. well, at least the therapy will help steve having to work with me full time.

last week we shot jake and bonnie's wedding up in smithfield (a "suburb" of logan, utah). that was fun, the weather was crazy, making for exciting moments at the wedding, fun photos and an amazingly beautiful drive back to spanish fork.

we are both still excited about everything related to "the business," just wanting it to take off right now, but understanding that it will take lots of time. we're also excited for this week, with all the leaves in their peak colors. i imagine we will find ourselves outside more than not. yeah!

sorry, no photo for this post. i promise one for next time.

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Juan Carlos & Amy said...

Wow ... I'm glad to hear that you're busy. And yes, you have outlasted me at New Haven (for the time being). I would love to have you stop by and visit. I'm here most of the time but am controlled by my baby's eating schedule (she really has all the power). Let me know!