Saturday, August 23, 2008

Newest of the Wiggling Walters

No, not a baby. But pretty darn close. Meet Keene, our newest family member. He came to us yesterday, August 22nd. He is 8 weeks old and came to live with us from another family with little kids. He is a gift for my upcoming 30th birthday and my recent graduation from grad school. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Keene is a Yellow Lab, but he's got a cute brown nose and some white on his belly and shoulders.

We will definitely get better pictures soon (that's Steve's job). I'll also post some photos from our Salmon River rafting trip, too.


Fsnorkin said...

Congrats Kjrstin! It is so funny you got an 8 week old yellow lab the same week we did! He looks adorable. We will have to get him and Copper together - looks like they could be twins! LOL ~Kim

camille said...

He's adorable! Makes me want a puppy so much--but we have three stray kittens in our home at the moment. I heard a rumor that you two were in Alaska this summer. So are you around or what, cause we definitely need to hang out!