Saturday, August 29, 2009

More prego photos

Here's some pics Steve took a couple of weeks ago. The freaked out picture wasn't supposed to be, I was just making faces while he was messing with the lights. I'm never safe. :)

Anyway, for pregnancy details (Tara, for you): I'm due on October 26th, although most women in my family go a bit early, so we'll see. I've been feeling pretty good overall. It's awkward getting bigger, but I haven't been real sick or anything, so I feel I'm pretty lucky.

Other news/updates. We're living in Salt Lake now, which is good. We really like it here and enjoy the neighborhood. I'm working for New Haven again, but only on an on-call basis. That's nice because I get to pick my schedule for the most part and I like that flexibility/control. Oh, we got a new couch for my birthday (I really am getting old... I am even excited about it). We got it on a great deal from a yard sale. Yeah. I'd post a picture, but that might just be too much... ya know. Must be these nesting hormones or something.

Well, I suppose that's the latest. I wish I could post about cool trips or something like that. Alas, my coolest trip lately is walking down to the dog park with Keene. All in good time, right? Anyway, enjoy the new pics (now you don't have to look on facebook, Lindsay).