Sunday, June 7, 2009

steve's work on the web

Steve got some photos published at, Climbing Magazine's online version. Here's the link to check out the galleries: click here. Just scroll down the page a bit and it's the gallery about Hampi, India.

so many changes, so little time

Lots to update about. Let's start.

Steve is back from India! I'm so glad. While I seemed to function fine without him, having him back is a bazillion times better.

We moved to Salt Lake. We live right across from Liberty Park. We're still unpacking boxes and bringing up loads from storage, but we're getting there. We're pretty excited about the place. It's a great apartment, in an old house that's been renovated. We're in the upstairs. It's nicer than any apartment I've lived in before. Yehaw! Bethany, Steve's little sis, is also living here with us. We've been having fun exploring Salt Lake. It's been a long time since I've spent a good amount of time here. Our ward is really great, too, which is nice. It's great to have a group of people be excited you're around and make efforts to be our friends. I dig it.

I've been doing some work for New Haven, again. I'm filling in for one of their therapists who had her baby a couple of months early (never fear, mom and baby are fine). It's been good to be back at New Haven. I've been working at the one in Saratoga Springs, so it's not quite as bad as driving all the way to Spanish Fork, but it is 62 miles round trip. Anyway, it's just temporary, so I'm still looking for some work.

What about photography? We're still running the business, but since we've got a little expensive creature coming to live with us for eternity, we need some more cash. So both Steve and I are looking for additional work. If you know anyone that is hiring, pass it along.

Speaking of our forthcoming creature. We went to the radiologist this week and found out... it's a SHE! We're gonna have a little girl. We're both pretty excited. Not sure what we'll do when pink is her favorite color and she wants to have her hair french braided, but we'll manage, I'm sure. Also, my due date is now October 26, a week or so earlier than before. Yeah!

Oh, the only sad thing that's happened recently. I shattered my iphone a few days ago. It still works, but the screen is all cracked and I'm pretty sure if I accidently move it the wrong way, it'll stop working. Do I really need it? No, but it is a pretty handy little tool. Especially because we don't currently have internet at our house, so being able to check a few things from home is nice. Oh well.